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We love students, and we think that Medway is a fantastic place to study!


Many people in our church remember when they went away to study. We can look back and see how we grew in our faith thanks to the love and friendship that local churches gave us, and we want to provide that same support for those who come to study here.


Our Oasis Café works in partnership with local universities. We run a weekly cafe at UCA Rochester where we serve students from the UK and abroad. The Café is an informal way for International students to make links in this country, practise English language skills and find support during their studies. Light refreshments, games and conversation are just some of the activities provided.


Many students appreciate the chance to join a family for a meal, or meet up with another Christian during the week for coffee, chat and one-to-one Bible study. It's a pleasure for us to arrange this.


So if you're a Christian planning to come and study in Medway, have found yourself here looking for new friends, or you'd like to speak to someone about what it means to follow Jesus, contact us for more information.

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