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Rochester's Dickensian Festival

Do you often think of Dickens in the grubby streets below, 

Where myriad undesirables about their way will go?

The haunts of old Micawber? Of Fagin's merry boys?

The offices of Scrooge & Co bereft of smiles and joy?

Thought so. Us too. 

Every December Rochester's High Street and surrounding roads are home to thousands of visitors from across the South East, drawn by a love for all things Dickensian.

Our very own Humbug Street Theatre Company perform live throughout the entire weekend, and we serve hot drinks, food and chestnuts.

The 2021 festival takes place on Saturday 3rd-Sunday 4th December.

Image by Kai Bossom
Image by Ryan Storrier
Image by Mindspace Studio
Image by Erol Ahmed
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